Meet the Senate

The ASGCU senate is a student-run organization responsible for collectively representing the 16,000+ traditional students at the university. The senate represents student opinion, engages with university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need. The senate is the deliberative body from which all authority from ASGCU originates.

Your 2017-2018 Senators


Colson Franse

Senate Vice Chair, with a Senior class emphasis

As a senator this year Colson hopes to improve campus life by promoting safety and implementing campus changes that represent the opinions and desires of the student body. In life, Colson aspires to one day run for political office in the United States. Besides his passionate for GCU and politics, Colson enjoys spending time with friends playing board games such as Settlers of Catan and Monopoly.



Josh Walker

Senator-At-Large, with a East-of-the-canal student emphasis

Joshua has a passion for both business and computer science. He hopes to one day open his own business to combine these two passions. Currently, he enjoys watching Netflix, bowling, hanging out and having fun with his friends.



Megan Kronstedt

Senator-At-Large, with a Freshman class emphasis

Megan is passionate about serving people, and serving them well through intentional ministry. She has a heart for the next generations, and how things that are done today affect the world tomorrow, especially here at GCU. Megan is also a children’s pastor, and loves fine arts, writing, and playing board games with friends.



Andrew Thompson

Senator-At-Large, with a commuter student emphasis
Andrew is a Minnesota-native that came to GCU to escape the brutal winters of the Midwest. The one thing about Minnesota he cannot escape, however, is his pronunciation of certain words, such as bag, Flagstaff, and boat. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing board games, and eating food. He almost always has a cup of coffee on him, and is always down to try new coffee places around the Valley.



Brittany Summers

Senator-At-Large, with a commuter student emphasis
Brittany has a passion for community and wants to own her own coffee shop one day. As a Senator she not only wants to bring the GCU community closer together, she also wants to improve dinning, housing, and more. She also enjoys traveling, watching the AZ cardinals, and enjoying a great cup of coffee.



Evan Leonard

Senator-At-Large, with a Junior class emphasis
Evan is passionate about Business, Politics, and baseball. Go M’s!. In his post-graduation he plans to get his MBA and spend time in corporate America, and eventually switch over into the political field. Evan’s main goal for the year is to provide an even better experience for the incoming freshman than he had, as it was the most enjoyable year of his life.



Jarod Valenzuela

Senator-At-Large, with a Freshman class emphasis
Jarod hopes to incorporate his passion for serving his fellow Lopes by being an effective liaison between students and university administration, while also ensuring that every student’s voice is acknowledged and represented during his time as a Senator. Upon graduating from GCU, he plans to continue his education to earn a certification in anesthesiology. In his spare time, Jarod enjoys movies, card games, music, and politics in his free time.



Sean Thomason

Senator-At-Large, with a Sophomore class emphasis
Sean is a native Phoenician and a naturally conflicted and curious individual. Due to past existential crises, his primary goals have turned outwardly to incorporate the success and flourishing of humanity following his inevitable passing, culminating in his desire to help others and improve on as many facets of pre-existing systems as he can. However, since he is still quite young and has the time to pursue multiple passions, he has decided to take a stab at the political realm by becoming involved in GCU’s student government. By using his role as an ASGCU Senator to further the ambitions of his fellow students and increase both the power and effectiveness of the office he holds, he believes that he is doing his part to ensure that the future members of GCU’s community are able to aim higher and accomplish far more than he is today.



Elizabeth Henderson

Senate Outreach Coordinator 
Elizabeth is passionate about animals, especially dogs, she think they are one of the best gifts given to people. She is also very passionate about valuing the little joys in life and loving everyone.