Each day students wake up at the corner of 35th and Camelback excited to continue the process of finding their purpose. Over the course of the past few years, Grand Canyon University has done a phenomenal job in providing its students with the resources necessary to succeed. It has been roughly a month since Stephen and I were elected as the 2018-2019 Student Body President and Executive Vice President, and we have been hard at work to ensure that our University continues to set itself up for success in the upcoming year and beyond. We are incredibly honored and excited to be representatives for a place that we hold so dearly to our hearts.

Our college experiences have been full of joy and excitement. Sometimes it is difficult to look back on all the opportunities that we have been blessed to have and remember the exact reasoning behind how and why all of it happened the way that it did. The election process remains fresh in our minds as an experience that we will never forget. The opportunity we have to interact with GCU’s incredibly diverse students from different backgrounds, cultures,and environments is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are both excited to channel the past, present, and future conversations with incredible students into motivation for continued progression as a student body.

As ASGCU continues to develop, we must intentionally remember how blessed we truly are. Our prayer is that students never take for granted their opportunity to be a part of this special time in our University’s history. We will continue to remain active in attaining the goals that we have set out and resist stagnancy. Grand Canyon will remain an environment where opportunity abounds and ambition is fostered. We deeply believe in our students, and we are passionate about students knowing the truth in that statement. Every student should understand that they are truly valued and play an important role in our University’s identity. Stephen and I are eager to create opportunities and resources for students to explore their purpose and value. Now is the time for our student body to run towards opportunity and work to become the people we set out to be.