Slate Herman

ASGCU, Student Body Vice President


blogimg1As the spring semester for 2016 comes to a close, ASGCU would like to highlight the few events we do have left. The main event at the end of each semester is called ASGCU Midnight Breakfast, and if you have not attended one yet I would encourage you to do so. This event focuses on giving students a break from the hustle and bustle of finals season by providing them with breakfast food and fun, late at night. This, combined with dancing and free prizes is a perfect combination of food and fun that ASGCU hopes gives students a few minutes to appreciate their friends and forget about the tests that may be on the docket for the next day.

For our initiatives for the rest of the year, we took a brief look at a safe ride program that would work with the company Uber to offer students discounted rides within a certain area. This information, once received, will be f
orwarded onto next year’s ASGCU team. It will be up to them to decide if they want to pursue the option, as there are somblogimg2e heavy costs that are combined in the offer.

Also, as the semester ends we are preparing to move into the next year. Most student leaders have received their contracts for the next year and are excited to hear what the next year will bring. From the perspective of a current executive on ASGCU, we are preparing our end of year documents to facilitate a clean exchange from the current administration to the next. We hope that what we prepare will give next year’s ASGCU team the ability to succeed from the beginning, without having to deal with the same mistakes we made during the year.

Good luck on finals!