Ashley Dietz- International Student Ministry Leader




Why did you join LOGO and why are you passionate about it?

I decided to join LOGO because I wanted to join God in what He is doing here at GCU and further His Kingdom. We are all the body of Christ and we are called to make disciples wherever we are. I am passionate about LOGO because I think it’s an amazing program with different opportunities to serve, both locally and globally.

What is your specific role within LOGO?

I am an International Student Ministry Leader, which is a global ministry here on
campus. My ministry partners and I organize different events each month of the school year for international students to come and interact with other GCU students. My role is to create community for international students and equip God’s people for intentional Gospel ministry.

What events within LOGO can students get involved with and create community around campus?

LOGO has many different events throughout the year that can help a student get involved and create community around campus. Local and Global Week occur each year, during the fall semester. Their purpose is to promote the different ministries and events on campus. For example, the prayer ministry meets weekly to pray over each other. Serve the City day is an event where the campus body wakes up early on a Saturday to serve their community. This event provides students a chance to give back to their community and meet other GCU students along the way.

Can you briefly explain the difference between Local and Global Outreach?

The main difference between Local and Global Outreach is that Local ignites passion in students to serve and make disciples within the local community, while Global ignites passion in students to be globally minded and make disciples of all nations. Ultimately, both programs provide students unique opportunities to live out the Gospel and care for God’s people.

Local Outreach offers students different ministry opportunities here in the local neighborhood and community. This includes Serve the City, Canyon Kids, Homeless ministry, etc.. These different programs allow students to give back to the community, making it a better place.

Global Outreach offers students different ministry opportunities to experience and gain a better understanding of God’s heart for the nations. Such ministries include the International Student Ministry, GO nights, Global Tours, etc. Global outreach also organizes mission trips each year to give GCU students the opportunity to experience God’s love for the nations first hand and join Him in His mission to make disciples.

How does LOGO impact the community around GCU and across the Valley?logo2

Without a doubt, LOGO is making an impact both in the community around GCU and across the Valley. Students are dedicated and consistent in serving the community, on a weekly basis. I think our community sees the genuine love and service that students offer and are receptive to it. Through these ministries, relationships are being made that extend beyond once-a-week visits. Across the Valley, more and more people are learning about GCU and how we are committed to love and service. The growth of our different ministries is proof of this.

What can you tell us about mission trips and how can students get involved?

Mission trips are amazing experiences that really make a lifetime impact! Mission trips have the potential to open one’s eyes, soften one’s heart, and deepen one’s relationship with God. A mission trip forces you to see the reality of the world and stretches you beyond your comfort zone. You will most definitely come back from a mission trip with a grateful heart and a changed attitude.

GCU students can get involved by visiting the Outreach Lounge to learn more about the different mission trips, what each one entails and how to begin the application process. For example, there are mission trips solely focused on fighting human trafficking while others might focus on construction projects. I would also encourage students to get involved with the global ministries on campus to learn more about God’s heart for the nations and how to be prepared before going on a mission trip.

Serving on LOGO the past three years has been a huge blessing on my life. I have been able to grow in Christ and gain a heart that truly breaks for what breaks the heart of God. I simply love the community that LOGO creates and how it everything is done out of love for God.