Teams – 2021


In line with the mission of the university, ASGCU strives to represent and serve the student body in their pursuit of academic success, personal excellence, and spirituality. ASGCU is a multi-faceted, but cohesive team that is strategically built to help reach each student in a meaningful way. From the executive team headed by President Darion Padilla and Vice President Ben Claypool to every team member within the organization we are all committed to serving you.


Darion Padilla
Student Body President
[email protected]


Ben Claypool
Executive Vice President
[email protected]


Heather Davenport
Operations Vice President
[email protected]


Sarah Sanchez
Administrative Vice President
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Tyson Cantrell
Chief of Staff
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Executive Branch



The ASGCU Senate is a student-run organization responsible for collectively representing and advocating for the 23,000+ traditional on-campus university students. The senate represents student opinion, engages with university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need.

There are 12 ASGCU Senators that represent specific dorms and apartments on campus, as well as commuters, and first-generation college students. The senators visit each of the locations they represent on a weekly basis and engage with students to bring their opinions directly to senate meetings.



The Elections Director, Alicia Swett, serves to organize and coordinate all events related to the Student Body President and Vice President Elections. They facilitate voting, debates, town halls, and promotional materials for elections.

Operations Branch


Community Engagement

The Community Engagement team promotes the mission and vision of ASGCU by hosting community events and interactions. The goal of the community engagement team is to ensure that students feel connected, heard, and encouraged on campus.



The Marketing Team promotes the mission and vision of ASGCU by ensuring that students are aware of the resources available to them and the events and initiative programs ASGCU hosts. The Marketing Team is also responsible for streamlining communication between the organization and the student body.


Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs team serves the members of ASGCU by facilitating a vibrant culture that is both professional and fun. Internal Affairs is responsible for planning internal events and meetings, and for maintaining and organizing all ASGCU’s important documents and materials.

Administrative Branch


Freshman Class Council

The Freshman Class Council is a program run by GCU’s on campus student government, ASGCU, that provides members of the freshman class the opportunity to be involved in student leadership. Members of FCC will participate in weekly meetings with their directors that will focus on identifying different aspects and styles of leadership and professionalism. During their time as members of FCC, freshmen will build relationships with student leaders who will help mentor them. They will also gain hands-on experience planning events and representing the freshman class.



The Sustainability Team is responsible for leading our student body in sustainable practices and green initiatives on campus. The Director of Sustainability is responsible for planning and executing Green Week, as well as generating new projects and events to make campus more sustainable and increase awareness among GCU students.


Student Health Advocacy

The Student Health Advocacy Team is responsible for the oversight of all ASGCU student health and wellness initiatives, events, and projects on campus. They are tasked with developing and maintaining relationships with the Department of Health and Wellness and the Department of Student Care.