Applications are closed for 2021-2022.

Executive Team


 The Executive Team is comprised of the ASGCU President, Executive Vice President, Operations Vice President, Administrative Vice President, and Chief of Staff. The Executive Team is responsible for overseeing all the planning and organizing of ASGCU events and programming.

3 positions


Executive Branch

Public Relations


This team is responsible for all ASGCU social media communications, special campaigns/events (ex:Midnight Breakfast), and promoting ASGCU goals overall. This team often works in collaboration with other GCU teams and departments on campus, such as CAB, Spiritual Life, Outdoor Rec, etc.

6 Positions Available

Internal Affairs


This team exists to promote the internal goals of ASGCU and is focused on serving internal ASGCU members. Members of this team help create good team moralle by planning meetings and events for members and providing a vibrant office culture.

3 Positions Available

Administrative Branch

Freshman Class Council



Freshman Class Council is a team of thirty freshman and two directors. This team provides freshman with leadership skills, event experience, and mentorship from established student leaders.

2 Positions Available


Student Health Advocacy


Passionate about mental, physical, and spiritual health? The student health advocacy may be for you! This team cares for the health of the student body by overseeing initiatives such as Awareness Week, Its On Us, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, etc.

2 Positions Available



 ASGCU's Sustainability Team exists to further green initiatives on GCU's campus. This team oversees Green Week, ASGCU's sustainability awareness week, etc. They also take lead on projects usch as campus recycling, clean energy, and compositing.

2 Positions Available

Legislative Branch



More than any other team or branch in ASGCU, the Senate's job is to listen to the voice/opinions of GCU undergraduates and find new ways to respond to their needs, concerns, and aspirations. The Senate is where many of ASGCU's new initiatives are born: an incubator of ideas and plans to imporove GCU policies, procedures, and programs. As part of the legislative branch, the Senate is primarily responsible for passing legislation regulating all ASGCU operations and its lobbying efforts with university officials.

14 Positions Available



Elections is responsible for the operational components of all ASGCU elections. Elections is responsible for coordinating all elections, marketing and events for students throughout the university.

1 Position Available