Abbie Ploeser

Havoc Leader

GCU basketball is not just a game—it’s an experience, and the Havocs are what help to make it so great. A community of students united for the common purpose of just getting plain weird and supporting GCU athletics. The Havocs are the most electrifying student section in college basketball, bringing an unprecedented energy and thunderous spirit to home games with ferocious school pride as the result.

What makes the Havocs so special? From the bottom up, GCU’s student section is founded on the four pillars of the university, with an emphasis on community, service, and spirit. The Havocs are so much more than an organized cheering student section at basketball games. They can be found volunteering on a Saturday morning with the Havocs’ charity arm Havocs with Heart, enthusiastically serving the community through various service projects; from chaperoning the Best Buddies prom, to assisting as race attendants for a 5k. The Havocs truly make a difference, both at basketball games and in the community surrounding GCU.

Every student is encouraged to be a Havoc, and because of this, the community cultivated through this unique group is unmatched anywhere else. From bizarre theme nights, to the All Access tailgate, and Havocs gear, there are countless reasons why students want to get involved with the Havocs, bring all of their friends, and pack out the arena.
In addition to these things, the beloved Havocs have the unwavering support of much of the university, including working closely with the cheer team, dance team, and Thundering Herd Pep Band. The close-knit camaraderie between these groups helps to create the eccentric environment found at GCU basketball games. The dedicated Game Entertainment department also plays a huge role in the behind the scenes of Lopes basketball games, helping to create an atmosphere that the Havocs famously thrive in.

Being apart of the Havocs has proven to be important to students, as they get to see first hand the unique ability they have to impact the game, and it cultivates a remarkable sense of school pride and spirit for everything that GCU is doing—and GCU is doing big things!