Slate Herman
ASGCU, Executive Vice President

As the campus continues to grow, both in number and in size, it is imperative to see the same grow in student run clubs and organizations. Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, there has been an introduction of seven new student clubs with several others on their way to approval through the ASGCU Senate and the GCU Clubs Board. With clubs like the Anatomy Club and the Engineering Club being started, it is clear to see that a passion for education is at the base of these clubs. Clubs like To Write Love on Her Arms and the Defenders Club focus more upon student health and well-being and even the reassurance that comes with the ability to defend ones faith.
A thriving student organizations population can only be achieved by informing the general population about the resources available to them. Responsible for communicating with all clubs and organizations on campus are the Club Advocates, a group of four students who are some of the most dedicated and involved student leaders on our campus: Adam Bennett, majoring in Christian Studies with an emphasis in youth ministries, Veronica Montgomery, an Elementary Education major emphasizing in special education, George Orozco, a Communication major, and Josh McGuire a double major in Finance and Christian Studies. These advocates work throughout the week to communicate with clubs and process any necessary paperwork that comes along side of the event planning and other process related tasks that clubs are able to perform.
If you would like to get involved in starting a club or joining a club, please go to or visit our office in Cypress Hall to pick up a club application and begin the process.