American Ninja Warrior Club

Our club is designed to help fans of American Ninja Warrior discover events and other people who enjoy similar activities. The goal of the club is to help promote the sport of Ninja Warrior, create a welcoming atmosphere for students who watch the show, and help train people for ninja competitions.

Beekeeper’s Club

We strive to encourage young people to pursue beekeeping through education and hands on experience with local beekeepers. Additionally, the club will use its profits to cultivate beekeeping in the local Phoenix area by spreading awareness and teaching students how to start and manage their own hives responsibility.

D.R.E.A.M. Club

The D.R.E.A.M. club is a sisterhood for Ladies who are on ground students who have a passion for unity and dance. The DREAM club promotes sisterhood, high education, fitness and sassy majorite dancing. We perform on and off campus at different events. It is not mandatory to dance but to it is mandatory to be an active member of the sisterhood. So Ladies, if you are passionate about the sorority life, this is the club for you!


Our mission is to provide a safe space for students to come together and bond over similar interests such as, but not limited to: gaming, anime, comics and pop culture.

Educators Rising

Educators Rising of GCU is a student led community of learners that strives to prepare the pre-service teachers in becoming effective educators by providing professional development, service learning, and leadership development opportunities.

Empowering Individuals

We empower individuals simply by expressing purposeful and meaningful gratitude toward one’s work. We use our free time to make a simple yet effective impact in the city by going to hospitals, fire stations, police departments, construction sites, schools, and anyone else that is investing in our lives everyday and Expressing Our Gratitude every other week! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Environmental Awareness Club

The Environmental Awareness Club seeks to promote awareness of environmentally-friendly practices throughout the GCU campus.

E-Transportation Club

Our mission is to create a community for electronic skateboard and scooter users while promoting safety.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

To see GCU impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.

Friends of a Pen

Inspire Yourself. Inspire Others.” GCU’s Friends of the Pen embraces the idea of artistry with purpose: Breathe life into people through community and creation. We believe in creating characters and embracing our own characters – we want others to know that they are not alone. Our club is one of acceptance and community; we encourage you to seek and fulfill your personal goals while you volunteer and build community with us through fun activities like hiking, eating together, attending poetry nights and playing board games! We invite all GCU students to join us as we find our purpose and discover the true depths of our characters.

GCU Archery Club

We will provide GCU students with the opportunity to learn archery. Student will be able to shoot recreationally, or choose to compete in the collegiate archery competitions. This club will provide students at different levels of physical capabilities the opportunities to participate in a new sport. Club members can choose their level of commitment to the club in terms of practice. We meet weekly for practice and meetings.

GCU Bass Fishing

The GCU Bass Fishing club exist to introduce students to the ever growing sport of collegiate bass fishing and develop skills and knowledge need by those students to be successful anglers. Through this club like-minded individuals will have the opportunity to create relationships, compete across the nation and experience Gods amazing creation in a new and exciting way. We strive to represent GCU in a positive way.

GCU Dragon Boat Club

Our mission is to cultivate friendly competition and create team cohesion through teaching and learning the sport of dragon boat.

GCU Disc Golf Club

Our goal is to grow the sport of disc golf on and off campus. We aspire to compete in nationals. Students will be able to develop a disc golf course at the GCU Golf Course.

GCU Dungeons and Dragons Club (DnD)

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun place for students to play Dungeons and Dragons. We meet weekly, come and join us!

GCU Hip-Hop Club

Our mission is to establish a greater knowledge and awareness of hip-hop as a culture. The club’s sole purpose is to educate and help its members understand the four elements that contribute to forming hip-hop.

GCU Lindy Lopes

Our goal is to promote interest in swing dancing and offer an opportunities to all Lopes to learn how to swing dance. We are open to all levels of experience and hope to push people in their swing dancing capabilities.

GCU Lost Got Found

Our purpose is to spread the resources that Lost Got Found has provided to the students on GCU campus.

GCU Skate Club

Our goal is to bring the skate community together on campus and teach the students who want to learn how to skate.

GCU Spikeball

As GCU Spikeball Club we promote friendship and community among the student body by means of healthy competition. We strive to build relationships that are built upon respect and love.

Guitar Haven

We exist to foster a community of guitarist who want to improve their craft and love for music and guitars.

Humans vs. Zombies

The humans vs. Zombies club is dedicated to the preservation, authenticity and quality of the game while ensuring the enforcement of all HVS rules and monitoring the safety of all HVZ participants to the best of our abilities in addition to promoting and exemplifying the ideals and principles of the game.

Literacy Outreach Society

Education is opportunity so let’s educate everyone.

Longboarding Club

Our goal is to build a welcoming community of longboarders and teach others how to ride longboards.

Lopes Outdoors

Lopes Outdoors is committed to bringing its members into the outdoors to build community, enjoy nature, and appreciate the gift God gives us.

Medieval Combat Club (MCC)

The Medieval Combat Club seeks to build fun community to embrace medieval combat history, techniques and creation while also providing a safe alternative form of exercise and social interaction for students to enjoy.

Modern Board Gamers Guild

The Vision of Modern Board gamers Guild (MBG) is to provide a wholesome, exciting, and relational environment that provides students with opportunities to build friendships and community during their time at GCU. These environments will also provide students with activities (modern Board games) that will promote cooperation, communication, critical thinking, leadership, effective strategic and tactical planning, dedicative thinking, and team management.

Music Curation and Creation Club

The mission for the Music Curation and Creation Club is to create an environment for students to be able to meet like-minded students on campus who have a passion for music, movies, graphic design, or any other means of artistic expression. They can come work on anything they'd like, learn about different concepts pertaining to art, or just hang out and meet new people.

Ping Pong Club

We strive to unite the Ping Pong playing community of GCU through fun, engaging, and uplifting events while influencing our members by representing the love of Christ. Lifelong friends will be made while developing lifelong ping pong skills!

Psych Hike

To initiate outdoor experiences, connection with nature, other students and community, to improve mental clarity, spiritual rejuvenation, and physical well-being.

Sexuality and Gender Awareness Club (SAGA)

SAGA is a group of GCU students who meet to discuss topics relating to sexuality, gender, and identity. The meetings encourage honest and open conversations from various perspectives, including the university’s Christian mission and ethical positions, in order to build a supportive and safe community environment.

Student Inspiring Student (SIS)

We are GCU ambassadors whose focus is to solidify a student and a faculty relationship that provides academic support, as well as providing student empowerment to enrich our students’ academic and lope life. Effectively creating a better learning environment for our students while undoubtedly resulting in a better academic performance and a student life.

The Lopes Sign Language Club

The Lopes Sign Language Club seeks to inform its members about ASL and gain an appreciation of Deaf culture.

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA is a youth organization that promotes the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

Yo-Yo Lopos

We strive to provide a space for students to build new relationships as well as a new hobby!

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

We identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activist. Committed to winning on principle, our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.