Senate Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The Senate meeting agendas are written prior to the biweekly public Senate meeting. They are prepared as an outline of bills, clubs and other topics to be discussed that week. Printed agendas are available at the meeting for all attendees’ use. Below we have provided past and upcoming agendas in a downloadable format.

Downloadable Agendas:

2-6-18 Meeting Agenda

1-23-18 Meeting Agenda

1-8-18 Meeting Agenda

12-5-17 Meeting Agenda

11-14-17 Meeting Agenda

10-31-17 Meeting Agenda

10-24-17 Special Meeting Agenda

10-17-17 Meeting Agenda

10-3-17 Meeting Agenda

9-19-17 Meeting Agenda

9-5-17 Meeting Agenda

10-4-16- Meeting Agenda

9-20-16- Meeting Agenda

9-6-16 Meeting Agenda

1-25-16 Meeting Agenda

1-11-16 Meeting Agenda

11-30-15 Meeting Agenda

11-09-15 Meeting Agenda

10-26-15 Meeting Agenda

10-12-15 Meeting Agenda

9-28-15 Meeting Agenda

9-14-15 Meeting Agenda Final

8-31-15 Meeting Agenda

The Senate meeting minutes are recorded during the public Senate meeting, as the Senate Outreach Coordinator takes notes. Minutes should include Senators who were present, topics discussed, questions and answers that were brought up, and action items. These minutes are made available after the meeting has occurred; all past minutes are listed below in a downloadable format.

Downloadable Minutes:

1-16-18 Meeting Minutes

12-5-17 Meeting Minutes

11-14-17 Meeting Minutes

10-31-17 Meeting Minutes

10-24-17 Special Meeting Minutes

10-17-17 Meeting Minutes

10-3-17 Meeting Minutes

9-19-17 Meeting Minutes

9-5-17 Meeting Minutes

10-18-16 Meeting Minutes

10-4-16 Meeting Minutes

9-20-16 Meeting Minutes

9-6-16 Meeting Minutes

11-30-15 Meeting Minutes

11-9-15 Meeting Minutes

10-26-15 Meeting Minutes

10-12-15 Meeting Minutes

9-28-15 Meeting Minutes

9-14-15 Meeting Minutes

9-14-15 DETAILED Meeting Minutes

8-31-15 Meeting Minutes

8-31-15 DETIALED Meeting Minutes