Programs and Services ASGCU's 2017-2018 Organization

In line with the mission of the university, ASGCU strives to represent and serve the student body in their pursuit of academic success, personal excellence, and spirituality. ASGCU is a multifaceted, but cohesive team that is strategically built to reach every student in a meaningful way.

Through a variety of programs, events, and outreach opportunities, ASGCU’s central focus is to help every GCU student feel connected to each other and represented to the administration.

The Roles of Each Team

Clubs and Organizations

The Clubs and Organizations team is responsible for supporting club-specific events, communicating with club leadership, and serving as the liaison between clubs and the rest of the GCU administration. Students interested in starting a club should communicate with these leaders.


The ASGCU senate is a student-run organization responsible for collectively representing the 14,000+ traditional students at the university. The senate represents student opinion, engages with university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need. The senate is the deliberative body from which all authority from ASGCU originates.

Diversity Awareness

The Director of Diversity Awareness is responsible for fostering, developing, and implementing an educational environment within Grand Canyon University according to both the mission and vision of ASGCU and the University. The Director of Diversity Awareness seeks to raise understanding and develop programming that identifies and educates the University community on diverse groups and students of Grand Canyon University, which includes but are not limited to ethnic minorities, international students, and disabled students.

Marketing Team

The ASGCU marketing team is composed of graphic artists, photographers and videographers who work together to produce posters, photo albums, short films and all graphical content for communicating to the student body.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Director serves as the Chief Secretary of the Association and is responsible for the preservation of all official Association records, both currently and historically. The Internal Affairs Director is responsible for coordinating all internal ASGCU events, managing the ASGCU office, maintaining ASGCU alumni records, orientation for new ASGCU members, and the membership for ASGCU boards and committees.

Public Relations Team

The Public Relations team works to creatively and interactively promote ASGCU programs and initiatives to the student body in order to keep them informed on events, activities and other opportunities. While most known for their Stall Talk publication, the Public Relations team also manages Channel 22 and the ASGCU newsletter.

Freshman Class Council

The Freshman Class Council (FCC) is a student-run organization that seeks to further the mission of ASGCU by extending to freshmen the opportunity to get involved, make new friends, and develop as a leader. FCC also seeks to serve the community through regular community outreach opportunities.

Volunteer GCU

Volunteer GCU is a student-run program responsible for providing an opportunity to students to get involved through service. Their hope is to develop students as leaders with a heart for serving others. To accomplish this mission, they connect interested students with volunteer opportunities in the Phoenix community.