Meet the Executive Board Your 2017-2018 Officers

2017-2018 Executive Officers


The Associated Students of Grand Canyon University’s executive board is made up of the Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Administrative Vice President and Chief of Staff. The President and Executive Vice President are both elected by the student body in a campus election that takes place in the beginning of each spring semester. The Administrative Vice President and Chief of Staff are both appointed positions by the elected President and Executive Vice President.


  • Nate Carpenter

  • President

Year: Senior
Major: Business Management with a Minor in Marketing
Hometown: Bend, OR
Passions: Nate has a passion for higher education and legislation that he hopes to continue after he graduates this spring. He plans to continue his education and pursue a career in politics post-graduation. Currently he enjoys watching nature documentaries, playing Spikeball, and getting to know personally the students he represents.

  • Matt Shinn

  • Executive Vice President

Year: Senior
Major: Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies
Hometown: Denver, CO
Passions: Matt has a passion for Biblical studies that he plans to pursue after his graduation from GCU in April 2018. He plans to attend seminary and eventually become an Old Testament/Church History professor. Currently, Matt enjoys creating life-long relationships and listening to rap music.

  • Gabby Marrama

  • Administrative Vice President

Year: Senior
Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Hometown: Anthem, AZ
Passions: Gabby is passionate about encouraging students to get involved on campus. Whether it be through intramural sports, student leadership or joining a club, she hopes that each student can find their niche at GCU. After graduation, Gabby would like to travel abroad and receive her MBA. If you ever need to find Gabby, there is a 10/10 chance that she is in line for Chick-fil-a.​

  • Hannah Barry

  • Chief of Staff

Year: Junior
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Brooklyn, CT
Passions:  Hannah is passionate about making all people feel seen and important. She hopes to use her future career and role on ASGCU to help restore and encourage those around her through deep conversations and quirky dance moves. A perfect day for Hannah involves a good book, sweat pants, and a steamy cup of black coffee.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Board Members


The President is the chief executive officer of ASGCU. This leader is responsible for executing all of ASGCU’s policies and objectives, and for representing the views of the student body. In addition the President directly represents the student body to the upper administration.

Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President chairs the ASGCU Senate, oversees matters pertaining to student clubs and organizations, and helps run ASGCU on a daily basis.

Administrative Vice President

The Administrative Vice President oversees ASGCU programs and services geared at providing opportunities for students to get involved. Objectives include the ASGCU Elections Commission, Freshman Class Council and Volunteer GCU, among other things.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff serves as the Student Body President’s top aide and provides managerial oversight specific to the ASGCU executive branch and the President’s cabinet. The Chief coordinates the president’s priorities with all ASGCU members and the university, as necessary.