Greeting Students,

This will be the last blog post from Nick Loudon and I. Unfortunately, our term as student body president and vice president is coming to an end and we must step out of the way so a new administration may step into our places. We hope we have served you well as your campus leadership and have reveled in the opportunity that you awarded us. Before I head off to law school and Nick heads into the workforce, we wanted to recap what we accomplished this year and put an emphatic exclamation point on a successful year.

Nick and I ran on the slogan “Strong 2016”. This mantra encapsulated three basic points: strong students, strong campus, and strong graduates. Under the strong students banner we hosted campaign weeks like It’s On Us, which attacks sexual assault head on with thematic elements surrounding the role that us as students play in an active community that protects against sexual assault and supports the victims of sexual assault. This was followed by Embrace, a mental health campaign that centered on transforming GCU into a campus that faces the problems caused by mental health and by the stigma that surrounds receiving mental health care.

Strong campus tied together aspects of implementing new campus traditions and recycling awareness to create a vibrant campus that students are proud to attend. Think Green Bleed Purple was a recycling campaign that sought to see a recycling bin in the dorm of every student in order to increase access to recycling resources. This was coupled with an education campaign about the how-to of recycling. For tradition, we brought back a university tradition called Night at the Show, which will be taking place during Senior Week. This event allows campus seniors to attend a fully paid for showing of the spring theater production while providing a fun opportunity to dress up and feel fancy for a night. We are also continuing to pursue getting a recorded version of the fight song onto the university website.

Our final platform point, strong graduates brought campus Career Services into the spotlight. We believe that college finds it worth in post-graduate job placement and we want GCU students to be building strong resumes through job opportunities and internships throughout their time at GCU. We partnered with Career Services in promoting multiple job postings and opportunities as well as highlighting the already existing platforms used for job hunting. This combined with ASGCU helping promote the annual career fair led to a successful push for job opportunities as over two-hundred companies attended the event.

We hope we have served you well this year as this has been one of the honors bestowed upon Nick and I. When I met Nick four years ago, I never would have dreamed we would lead the student body together. From the Color Party to four amazing Lip-sync competitions, our time at GCU has been fantastic and we leave you all with heavy hearts as we know how much this place means to both of us. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and best of luck pursuing whatever you find your purpose in. This is Slate Herman and Nick Loudon signing off.

Slate Herman
Student Body President

Nick Loudon
Student Body Executive Vice President