Acacia Cordova
ASGCU, Chief of Staff

It is officially 2016. That means it’s a new year and a new you. Am I right? Ugh, that mindset can sometimes be so overwhelming to consider. How are we supposed to alter our very existence at the beginning of every year? If you are like me, new years resolutions overwhelm you. However, I love the feeling of starting fresh every January and thinking about the things in my life I would like to see flourish or change. After evaluating the plethora of my deep philosophies, I have come to the conclusion that one big concept gets in the way of meeting our goals. Comparison. The thief of joy, y’all. Maybe it’s “ I’m never going to have a body as pristine as the person jogging on the treadmill in front of me.” Or, “I am not smart enough to get a better GPA because my peers are so much more well spoken in class discussions, and I can hardly get a grasp on how many participation posts I need per DQ.” Whatever your insecurities may tell you, may your New Year’s resolution be to simply not let them win over your heart’s desires anymore. May you dare to see yourself as capable! For inspiration, check out a few of my ideas for resolutions this year.

• When you go to class, promise yourself you will take the opportunity to participate. You made it out of bed and away from your computer. You might as well try to engage and learn something.
• Definitely exercise, but do so because you love your body not because you hate it. The body is our soul’s fortress, and it feels good to protect it and make it stronger.
• Do something you have always wanted to but fear has kept you from- one thing, big or small, but do it!
• Know yourself better so that you can know others better. Maybe this means you have to do some disciplined work on understanding yourself and changing things that make you unhappy. Whatever this entails, do so fearlessly so that you can connect with yourself and understand how you were created. This will help you be honest with others, have compassion, empathy, and patience…. You know…. The classic redeeming qualities of humanity.
• If you’re on social media, use any platform of your choice once a month to post something real and raw. Whether that’s unloading about something you have tried to paint over with the false conceptions of your oh so perfect life, or a simple word of encouragement to a friend, hit the refresh on your social media practices and use it to be honest and good every so often.

Now go eat some Chick–Fil- A and chow down on it while you watch some Netflix. But seriously, these are all totally doable. I believe in you!