Current ASGCU Initiatives

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Associated Students have put into place a variety of goals. Student Body President, Nate Carpenter, and Executive Vice President, Matt Shinn, have entered the school year with the goals to create a more “Grounded” student body. They hope to accomplish this by specifically targeting issues around the students, community, and identity found at GCU. For the students, they hope to focus on incoming freshman, commuters, and providing a revamped way for students to be better informed about all campus activity. For the community, they hope to start a new initiative focused on loving the community in and around GCU, changing how departments interact for the benefit of the students, and interweaving Christ more throughout GCU activities. For the identity, they plan on continuing support for ASGCU programs, bringing more awareness to mental health and counseling, and finally building traditions that are engaging and entertaining.

Grounded Students

Big Lope, Little Lope

Volunteering upperclassmen working to immerse new students into the lope life. Nate and Matt want to be able to build up new students to give them more success. The hope is to make all new students feel welcomed and involved in our community as quickly as possible.

Commuter Care

This year being more focused on the experience the commuters have here and the community they have is a priority of Nate and Matt. Making sure that commuters are well represented and their needs are expressed to administrators is a priority and being able to find new ways to introduce events, have more interactions, and creating representation is an essential experience Nate and Matt are excited to explore.

Grounded Community

Students First

Creating more partnerships and relationships with other student leader positions on campus to aid in communicating and getting feedback from students. By creating partnerships with CAB and Residence Life, Nate and Matt hope to be able to create a more holistic and open line of communication between all students.

Stand Firm

Intentionally interlinking Christ more into ASGCU activities to better be able to represent the culture that is so interwoven with GCU’s culture and values.

The Golden Initiative

Based on the Golden Rule to love your neighbor and looking to expand the volunteering opportunities that are available through ASGCU. Nate and Matt week dedicated to service with multiple volunteering opportunities available to students during a week.

Grounded Identity

Support and Continue

There have been incredibly impactful initiatives put on in the past by ASGCU. These include; It’s On Us, Embrace Week, and the Recycling Initiative. Nate and Matt will work to serve and continue these focuses as they address such necessary conversations in our society.

Lopes Together

Focusing more on the mental health of our campus is something that is incredibly important to both Nate and Matt. With their experience as RA’s Nate and Matt have been able to see and experience many different types of students. Mental health is something that is real and those that struggle with Mental Health needs to be supported.

Purple Pride

Building lasting traditions is something that truly creates a lasting college experience. Nate and Matt want to increase these experiences and add to the legacy and impact that GCU can have on an individual. They hope to do this by creating new ways that students can interact after chapel and during their day to day routines.