Current ASGCU Initiatives

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Associated Students have put into place a variety of goals. Student Body President, Slate Herman, and Executive Vice President, Nick Loudon, have entered the year aspiring to build a campus with strong students, a strong campus and strong graduates. Through programs such as the Peer to Peer Support Program, It’s On Us Campaign, Recycling Initiative, implementing Tradition, encouraging Workforce Preparedness and establishing a LopeJobsNet Program, ASGCU believes that we can achieve a strong year together.

Strong Students

Peer to Peer Support Program

The peer-to-peer support program was something started by our current president, Cody Dumas. We want to support this program as it grows through its first year. Mental health is one of the largest issues on college campuses. Research regarding mental health on college campuses by the National Alliance on Mental Illness shows that:

  • One in four students have a diagnosable illness
  • 40% do not seek help
  • 80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities
  • 50% have been so anxious they struggled in school

We want to ensure that at least on our campus, we have the resources needed to support students who are dealing with mental health issues. This can be done by adding critical help information to class syllabuses. Allowing students to feel secure in the fact that GCU has the resources to help combat the issues that every student faces.

It’s On Us

A week that is dedicated to raising awareness of sexual assault prevention with a focus on bystander intervention. The campaign was brought to GCU’s campus for the first time in this last spring semester, in February 2015. Students were encouraged to attend various events such as bystander training and an end-of-the-week rally, along with take a pledge promising to be part of the solution rather than the problem. If you see something, say something.

Strong Campus

Recycling Initiative

We love what our university does for the community surrounding GCU, but it is the responsibility of the students and the administration to be good stewards of our campus as well. As the university grows, we want the infrastructure of the recycling facilities to grow as well. We would like to discuss with the administration the possibilities of switching to a single-stream recycling system that would be available in all dorms on all floors.


Every GCU student knows that our campus is ever-changing. This is great from a student prospective because of the state of the art facilities and dorms we get to live in. The one thing that we then sacrifice is the tradition that most other universities have. GCU has done a fantastic job thus far creating traditions like a volunteer based move-in crew and a hype for basketball that is unrivaled. Nick and I want to promote the GCU Fight Song so every student who graduates from Grand Canyon University can recite its words upon graduation.

Strong Graduates

Workforce Preparedness

Jobs. We all want them, but it seems that post-graduation job placement is slipping nationwide. GCU has a fantastic career services department which places students in on-campus jobs that allow for a “school before work” environment, but some students need more than the 20 hours maximum placed on student workers. We want to help create programs that would help GCU students get the internships and off-campus jobs they need to succeed at a post-graduate level and get them placed and working immediately after they graduate. We would seek to do this by creating a job network that would help students find jobs that not only interest them, but help them find the passion and knowledge they need to succeed.

LopesJobNet Program

We hope to connect Lope students and alumni with jobs through a new program called LopeJobsNet. Modeled after workforce preparedness programs at institutions like Columbia University, this would be a program run by the university that helps GCU graduates get placed in jobs in their field. This would also help current GCU students get the internships they need to gain the vital experience outside of the classroom. GCU graduates and other business around the nation would be able to post open position for internships and jobs on LopeJobsNet which would allow for our students to have access to key jobs and opportunities to support a successful future. This would be backed by a workfoce preparedness campaign which would help promote the great services and programs the GCU career services currently has to offer.