Just when you thought that Christmas break would give an inkling of motivation, but as you return, you realize…that isn’t how life works. Seniors, woot! Less time to figure out your future, no pressure. Freshman, you still may not know what to do in life and your first year is almost over, meh. Sophomores and Juniors, this school year is half way done, and it only gets faster. Encouraging, yeah? Don’t worry, you will survive this!

Desire: To make this semester a successful one, you have to want the next 4 months to be productive and gratifying. Have expectations, be willing to work for it. Set expectations and be willing to work for them.
Balance: Spring semester is like an elephant on a beach ball, the key is not overcommitting. Prioritize what is important in your life and let go of all things unnecessary. Evaluate your life and ask yourself, do I need this? Is it healthy for me? Is it useful? Is it necessary? How is my social life, work and school life? How is my mental, emotional, and physical health?
Procrastination: Ah yes, the sticky notes just keep on piling, or should I say the assignments. Did you procrastinate last semester? If you answered “yes”, were you overwhelmed and stressed? Did you feel like the world came crashing down around you? If you answered “yes”, then look below at the study tips provided. You have just started this semester, start strong and stay ahead. Do not be a part of Procrasti-Nation, say, “Procrasti-NO-son!”
Make A Schedule: Try to incorporate structure outside of the classroom. Stay disciplined by making a schedule and using an agenda or planner. Write down what your timeline looks like the next day. This may include classes, work/interviews, social appointments, free time, homework time, church, and meal times (lunch, linner, dinner). Stay on track with it!

In 8th grade I was asked to give a quote for our yearbook. This is what I came up with. “When life gives you lemons, take a bite, make a sour face, and move onto the next one.”Figure out what study habits work best for you. If you do not like it, move on to another strategy. Here are a few study tips to start with.

Start Early: Maybe it’s creating the title page for your paper or reading a couple of pages from your textbook. Every little bit helps. Starting early does not mean completing half of the assignment in one go, it simply means to “begin”. Doing something to increase progress.
Don’t Set A Goal:Surprise! Evaluate what you need to do and work through those tasks, but don’t set a goal because the pressure of reaching that goal may create stress and demotivate you. Just keep working through your assignments. Slowing down is fine, but if you stop, it will be harder to get back into your groove. Of course, if you like setting goals, and that strategy works for you, do it. The point is, keep calm and keep chipping away! “Just keep swimming”, and “keep on keeping on” are two great phrases to remember.
Use Resources: Google sheets: has an assignment tracker that helps you track the tasks at hand.
Pomodoro Technique / Time Management Apps: Focus Keeper (iOS), Be Focused (iOS), Flora (iOS), Focus Booster (web), PomoDone (web), etc.
Use people: not in a bad way, but remember that your professors, friends, roommates, and classmates can help you study!
Know Your Environment: Try different areas to determine which environments work best for you to study and focus in.
Solitude–Do you work best in quiet places by yourself (School Library, Phoenix Public Library, your dorm or apartment)?
Music–Do you focus best without music or with music? Do you prefer instrumental, classical, background noises, or songs you know the lyrics to?

Hope some of this helps you! Good luck this spring semester, you’re going to do great!