Andrea Hamilton
ASGCU, Administrative Vice President

Each season has its own special marker that officially lets the world know ‘I have arrived.’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall, to Starbucks Red Cups in the winter, to the odor of any and every brew of coffee students can get their sleep-deprived hands on during finals that lets you know summer is just around the corner.
What college students quickly learn, is that while there are different ways to differentiate between the seasons (I just so happen to do so in terms of coffee,) there is one thing you cannot avoid, regardless of the holiday: the “Home for the Holidays” conversation starter pack.
You know the questions I’m talking about. The ones that warrant responses like, “No mom, if I were engaged you would have seen it on Facebook by now,” and “No Grandma, my school is nowhere near the Grand Canyon.” (In my sassier days I may have responded to that one with fictional stories about living in the walls of the Grand Canyon and the daily hike to class.)
I guess I somehow missed the part at Freshman Orientation when the “Uncomfortable Questions to Ask Your Kids” packet got handed out to all the parents and the “How to Respond” pamphlet got handed out to the students. I must have been busy practicing my ‘Lopes Up’.
So, what do we do to avoid the inevitable? Maybe we are doomed to the uncomfortable dinner table discussions about our love lives and plans after we graduate (or lack there of). Maybe along with the Freshman 15 and midnight fire drills, those conversations are an unescapable aspect of college. So what are safe talking points for families with college students coming home for the holiday? To be honest, I have no idea. But what I do know, is that I have never had a bad conversation that begins with, “Wanna get some coffee?” So maybe start with that and let me know how it goes.