Written by Daniela Diaz, ASGCU Blog Coordinator




Arizona has done it again. We had a glorious two months of ‘winter,’ where we called our family and rubbed the perfect weather in their face, but now it’s their turn for some laughs.  As Arizona claims the highest temperatures in the country by February, you may be a bit scared for what is to come, if you don’t call this place home. Don’t fret, you’re going to make it! In the mean time, here are a few tips and reminders of why, despite rising temps, Arizona is the best state to be in, no doubt.


  1. Bring out all of your summer clothes, now. You might think this warm weather will go away but you are wrong. It’s here
    to stay and it’s only getting warmer.
  2. We will be tan a good two months before the rest of the country. Take that, Colorado! Just don’t fallhands-heart asleep by the pool or you could risk getting a third degree burn.
  3. Let Snapchat become your friend. Thank goodness this App has the temperature filter so all of your friends and family back home can see just how hot it really is.
  4. We can kiss the snowbirds goodbye!
  5. Arizona has the best summer sunsets! Oh wait…we have the best sunsets all year round.
  6. Scorpions and snakes are real and very much present, always making for an exiting hike. Watch your step!
  7. You can show off your swaggy wardrobe. Because you’ll probably have several outfit changes throughout the day due to excessive sweating.
  8. Let Netflix be your refuge. You will have more time to catch up on everything you’ve been missing on Netflix, since you won’t be spending too much time outside.
  9. Almost everyday is a pool party. And almost everyone in AZ has a pool.
  10. Make SPF your BFF. Before long, you’ll begin to appreciate the smell of sunscreen a little too much.
  11. You’ll get used to it …eventually.