Andrea Hamilton
ASGCU, Administrative Vice President

For many freshman, the first year of college is spent getting used to their new environment. Some may find the concept of doing their own laundry daunting, while others learn very quickly that for some reason, getting up for a 7am class in college is not as easy as it was in high school. Then there are those that, despite the challenges that college brings, desire to push themselves and seek out ways they can get involved on campus. Enter Freshman Class Council.
FCC is a student leadership opportunity headed by ASGCU for incoming freshman. As members on FCC, freshmen are given a crash course on what it is like being a student leader on ASGCU. From attending their own weekly team meetings, to assisting in events put on by other Student Engagement teams, to planning their own group events for the entirety of their class, FCC takes on many of the same roles and tasks as the rest of the teams in Student Engagement.
Leading this group are two brave co-directors, Juan Carlos Castillo and Kailey Molina, both of whom transitioned into the role of directors after being on FCC the previous year. As directors, Juan and Kailey lead the weekly team meetings, and facilitate discussion on different characteristics and aspects of Christian leadership. They have also made a huge personal investment into the members of the group and spend time with each individual throughout the course of the year.
While the Freshman Class Council is a branch of ASGCU, the programs vision and goal is to raise up and encourage future student leaders that desire to serve the student body in various areas on campus.