Acacia Cordova
ASGCU, Chief of Staff

She lurks, she creeps, she hides, she targets, and then she pounces. We are all familiar with this common enemy. No, she isn’t Loud Cloud. She is not the end of hall hours or the procrastinated assignment we left until Sunday at 11pm. We know her as the annual common cold. That’s right. You probably forget about her because she works best when we are vulnerable, believing ourselves to be utterly invincible against anything getting in the middle of our college routine. I have already been forced to show her the white’s of my eyes twice this Fall season, but I am here to keep you from experiencing the same frequency.
Dry desert air is a breeding ground for colds and flu. Aren’t we all in luck? Viruses often survive longer in moisture-robbed air, making airborne illnesses more readily present. Thus, to help all of you avoid greeting this year’s strand of flu, here are some of mine, and the trusty internet’s paraphrased, best tips to avoid getting sick:

1. Grab some friends and go to the hot tub! It’s basically a humidifier right?

2. Head to Olive Garden for their soup, salad, breadstick special for a tempting $6.99. Allicin, a compound found in garlic, can help fight off the flu and common colds, keeping your immune system healthy.

3. Wash your darn sheets once in a while. No comment necessary.

4. Nap as much as possible. Because honestly, 8 hours of sleep per night is just unrealistic when you’re catching up on your shows…* cough* doing your DQ’s.

5. Whip out a Clorox wipe and scrub your phone down. Keep that Hotline Blingin’

Well, now you are officially equipped to overthrow the Evil Queen Virus this year thanks to my trusty five tips!

**** Disclaimer***** Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and wash your hands!