African Student Association

The mission of this club is to foster friendship and community amongst Africans at Grand Canyon University. This club also aims to provide an open space in order to discuss issues pertaining to Africa as well as educate Grand Canyon University students on the history and different culture practices that take place in different countries.

Black Student Union

WE SAY that we are a Black Student Union at Grand Canyon University.
WE DO it by empowering students to achieve academically, professionally, socially, and spiritually within the GCU community.
WE PROVE it by mentoring, modeling, and being exemplary examples of the Grand Canyon University Doctrinal statement.
WE IMPROVE it by increasing our academic performance to levels above the average which will prepare us in becoming academic leaders.
WE STRIVE to encourage excellence and create innovations for today and tomorrow.

GCU Philippine American Student Association (PASA)

To aid others in their quest to learn and be more aware of the Filipino culture.

GCU Hua Aloha Club

Our mission is to provide a community and network of support for students coming from the islands of Hawaii to enrich their college experience at GCU, and to share and educate GCU’s student body on the different cultures and traditions of Polynesia. Empower students from Polynesia with the opportunity to develop the tools and skills they need to secede at GCU and beyond. Our mission to keep us out-of-state students united and ground in our academics, values and most importantly our culture. We hope to share and educate our fellow students about the Aloha spirit and what is means to be Polynesian.

GCU Spanish Club

The GCU Spanish Club promotes the Spanish language for use in professions and generates interest in the Spanish program. It also emphasizes cultural and social awareness of local and global Spanish speaking communities with volunteerism and fellowship.

International Club

The International Club at GCU encourages interaction and involvement among international students and the larger student body. We strive to share with GCU’s community about our diverse cultural backgrounds and unique perspectives to create a friendly and fun learning environment.

Latino Student Union

Our mission is to build upon the greater assets of the Latino community, family, culture and passion assets that our community holds and needs to be applied to our daily lives. We want to do just that and form a group of Latinos that share love, food, music, language, dreams and more. The vision is to meet the dream that our ancestors sacrificed so much for. The Club is a social club that focuses on small talks about topics such as diversity, language, culture, etc. we meet to expose to a deficit based social narrative of the Latin community.

Nations of Indigenous Cultures Club (N.I.C.C.)

We plan to help tribal students better connect with one another. We also want to create a club for those who come from a small background and support them with any personal problems they are experiencing. This club will be the support you need with academics, mental health, etc. we want to bring more diversity with Native American Students.