Gina Sandoval

ASGCU, Director of Public Relations

Grand Canyon University, its students and faculty, witness drastic change with each passing academic year. Change on campus causes everyone to adjust accordingly. ASGCU is a prime example of this as teams and positions are added, removed, and recycled each year to better serve the student body. The Public Relations team has certainly experienced significant changes for the current 2015-2016 academic year. In addition to hosting Midnight Breakfast events, info booths, and voter registration drives, the PR team has taken on the role of campus communications for ASGCU. Public Relations now manages all ASGCU social media accounts, Channel 22, Stall Talk, and the For Students by Students blog!

The various teams and positions of ASGCU all hold a specific function with the ultimate goal to serve the student body. The purpose of the Public Relations team is to connect with students and create awareness for ASGCU as a whole. This goal is made possible through the inventive and intentional work of the five PR Coordinators. With great excitement and energy, Sophomore Jedidiah Woods gathers movie content, creates scheduling and advertisement for Channel 22. This is a movie channel broadcasted only on the GCU campus and made available for all ground students to enjoy. Responsible for ‘keeping you in the know when you gotta go,’ Juniors Kylie Scott and Telvi Campos are the dynamic duo who keep the dream of Stall Talk alive in restrooms everywhere (or at least on campus). Managing all ASGCU social media accounts, Sophomore transfer Gabby Marrama is always on the look out for Insta-worthy photo ops, upcoming events, and tweet-able moments on campus. Bravely overseeing the first of its kind, Junior Daniela Diaz, manages ASGCU’s long time coming and latest project, the For Students by Students blog. The Public Relations team looks forward to continually seeking out creative avenues of campus communication throughout the year!

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