Accounting Society

The mission of Grand Canyon University’s Accounting Society/IMA Student Chapter is to provide opportunities for business students to explore and develop their career paths through education, networking with business professionals, and serving the community.

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Lopes Chapter

We believe that God is both the creator of our vast universe and is the source of our ability to pursue knowledge. Also, that honest and open studies of both scripture and nature are mutually beneficial in developing a full understanding of human identity.


GCU AzHOSA is an active learning community that aims to develop its members into successful graduate school and career applicants.

Canyon Counselors

At Canyon Counselors Club, our mission is to prepare counselors to excel across education, leadership, and community service. Undergraduate students in addiction counseling program are encouraged to join; however, we are open to all undergraduate students. we participate in events such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) walk and also volunteer at the Dream Center and GCU Campus activities.

Collegiate DECA

GCU collegiate DECA is an international association where students can compete and grow in marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, and hospitality.

Digital Design Club

Our club’s mission is to encourage interaction and involvement among design students, our university, and our community. We are committed to the highest standards of learning and supporting the continued improvement of imagination and visual communication.

Digital Film Production

The Digital Film Production Club is the primary community for all filmmakers and film connoisseurs alike on the campus for Grand Canyon University. This club is designed to further develop students filmmaking craft while connecting them to the industry and each other. To create meaningful work, we strive to incorporate Christ throughout everything we produce. Our goal is to represent GCU’s principles through our films, events and people.

Engineering Servant Leaders of GCU

Taking initiative in creating a healthy and stable world through serving communities that are in need of a stable water supply, power, and other engineering systems.

Forensic Science Society

To bring together students who are interested in forensic science and provide them with the ability to gain practical experience, additional insight into the field and network with currently employed forensic scientists.

Future Healthcare Administrators

The mission of Future Health Care Administrators is to unite health care administration students while building professional relationships and offering opportunities for personal growth for a lasting positive change.

GCU Clinical Skills Club

Our goal is to educate pre-nursing and pre-health student on specific skills. We will teach students how to learn and be exposed to new abilities early in their medical career.

GCU Economics and Finance

The GCU Finance and Economics Club is committed to empowering the student body with educational opportunities and real world application in the areas of finance and economics. The club aims to provide learning experiences centered on Christian business values which will equip young professionals with relevant skills and the ability to utilize them in an ethical manner.

GCU Occupational Therapy Club

The GCU Occupational Therapy Club is an on-campus student group that is open to all. Our objective is to bring like-minded people together in order to create a supportive community of aspiring occupational therapists. The students in this community assist each other in navigating a path to graduate school. We provide information on all things OT; answering any questions students may have, providing shadowing and volunteering opportunities , and creating a social platform where students can encourage each other and lean on one another for help and support.

GCU Physical Therapy Club

The mission of the GCU Physical Therapy Club is to enrich the community of physical therapy students and students interested in physical therapy through community and service. The GCU Physical Therapy Club seeks to enrich the student experience at Grand Canyon University by providing service and networking opportunities associated with physical therapy. The GCU Physical Therapy Club will provide students to learn more about physical therapy field, and be prepared for the process of trying to get into physical therapy school.

GCU Pre-Law Society Club

We function to foster Christian community through morality and legal principles with the intent of serving the students of GCU; particularly those with the intentions of proceeding to law school. By creating a large network, we will educate through hands on experience.

GCU Sports Medicine Club

To develop leadership qualities, the GCU Sports Medicine Club establishes a strong sense of community within the healthcare professions such as athletic training, exercise science, and pre-physical therapy. The GCU Sports Medicine Club establishes mentorship among individuals at any level pursing any sports medicine related degree, enhancing effective communication skills. The GCU Sports Medicine Club provides its members with professional development opportunities that will assist in reaching personal and career goals thus creating critical thinkers.

GCU Hospitality Management Club

To help the students of GCU gather knowledge of the hospitality industry and workforce through exposure to industry companies, on campus experience, networking opportunities, and community outreach. Observe and inform hospitality students on new advancements in hospitality. Informing students of social and career opportunities. Building servant leadership skills through social and career opportunities and industry experience.


Dedicated to assist all GCU Students on campus and online in the creation and implementation for IDEA’s that provide value to others.

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer Student Chapter is a community of likeminded individuals that strive to develop skills that it’s members will use in the real world.

International City Managers Association

We will introduce and integrate students into the local government management profession to familiarize them with members, resources and the ICMA code of ethics.

Lopes Justice Society

The Lopes Justice Society (Law Enforcement Club) at Grand Canyon University aims to equip members with the necessary knowledge and abilities required to succeed in future careers in law enforcement or related fields (e.g. forensic science, psychology, etc.).

Mock Trial Team

Everyone is welcome to join the team! A tryout is required. Those take place in the fall semester. We complete at local and regional competitions and host high school competitions as well. The mock trial team invests in its members! Joining our team would help build one’s public speaking and presentation skills, critical thought, and so much more! This team is built to help all who comes in contact with it. The mock trial is a studious club that competes in academically rigorous competitions. The club specializes in the field of law, those looking to attend law school and become practicing attorneys will have an edge over their competitors in the future! We look forward to having you on our team!

Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society is a club that provides resources and guidance to aid those pursuing careers in dentistry. We also hope to inspire our members to achieve their full potential as Pre-Dental students and members of the community, encouraging one another to have a foundation built on Christ, pursuing His purpose for us. We offer students the chance to be involved with head and neck dissection, events hosted by local dental schools, speaker events with different dental specialists and admission counselors, and opportunities to connect with other Pre-Dental students at GCU.

Pre-PA (Physicians Asisstant)

This club has been to designed to serve the students that are currently enrolled in the Pre-Physician Asisstant programs at GCU. The mission of this clubs is to provide a number of different connections with internship programs, masters programs, and other healthcare mentors. The officers of the program will ensure that the students are more preapered for the application process by encouraging appointments with PA representatives. the club members will also be informed about different tours that are being provided on different campuses throughout Arizona, and can be connected with representatives at those campuses.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

We are an organization that provides a community for students to become educated and exposed to all fields of pharmaceutical careers. The Pre-Pharmacy club aspires to help guide students in preparing to become a competitive applicant for pharmacy school. Hosting tutoring and PCAT review sessions will be available to students. We will also have guest speakers and help build interest and community for students in the pharmacy setting.

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-med club helps members gain necessary skills for the MCAT, medical school, and research. Specifically, the goal is to make innovative thinkers, teach compassion through volunteering, gain experience via shadowing, and supplement education thus creating a well-rounded applicant.

Pre-Vet Club

The focus of the Pre-Vet Club is to provide GCU students with the opportunity to learn more about veterinary medicine. We are a pre-health club that strives to ensure that members are gaining valuable experiences that contribute to making them competitive students and future animal care providers. Our meetings primarily include hands-on lessons to practice valuable skills and techniques that are used in veterinary hospitals.

Project Management Club

Our goal is to provide students with insightful information by equipping them with the necessary tools they can use to navigate through the business world.

Psychology Club

interested in expanding their understanding of the human mind, give students a complete view of the world of psychology and encourage the skill of networking. The club focuses on the practical application of the theories learned in class. This is achieved by bringing in speakers from all areas of psychology and watching psychology based movies. We participate in other activities such as group volunteering. Above all else, Psychology club exists to encourage its members to embrace the opportunity available to them and to expand their knowledge on the subject of psychology.

Sports Business Club

The GCU Sports Business Club provides a platform for students to gain insight, experiences and opportunities in the field of sports business. The GCU Sports Business Club will provide guest speakers, experiential learning, club meetings, leadership networking, field trips and special events!

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

We will meet and work with fellow students who share an interest in automotive engineering. Through workshops, individuals will gain experience, tools, and learn automobile mechanics.

Society of Chemistry Undergraduate Majors (SCUM)

We strive to build up a family of science within GCU. Our goal is to connect students with off campus opportunities by assisting those who are taking chemistry courses and creating a learning environment outside of the classroom. We strive to serve the families and communities surrounding GCU through presentations, demonstrations, and outreach events at local schools.

Sociology/Social Work Club

Students building positive relationships within and outside of the GCU community while engaging in opportunities to grow personally and professionally in order to become more competent global citizens.

Stack of Pages

Our goal is to connect GCU students with a strong interest in screenwriting, exchange feedback, and collaborate to hone in on our craft in the realm of screenwriting.

Student Nurses Association

We bring together and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses as well as those enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs. We convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession, promoting development of the skills that students need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession and advocating for high quality, evidence based, affordable, and accessible health care.