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For Students, By Students

ASGCU is GCU’s student government, an organization whose sole purpose is to represent and serve the student body in its pursuit of academic success, personal excellence, and spiritual growth. Through representation to the university administration and a variety of programs, events, services, initiatives, and outreach opportunities, ASGCU’s sole focus is to help you feel connected on campus and represented to the university administration.


ASGCU's Mission

The Associated Students of Grand Canyon University exists to serve and advocate for the students of Grand Canyon University. The mission of ASGCU is to not only build a voice for the students but to create an enveloping community where fellowship and faith coincide.

ASGCU's Vision

  • We will advocate for students by identifying and representing student opinions.
  • We will serve as a voice for students by communicating through public relations, supporting clubs to foster organized co-curricular development, and running annual elections in order to appoint leaders to represent the student body.
  • We will provide services for students including, but not limited to, public events, marketing materials, volunteer opportunities, inclusive student elections, and a freshman class council.
  • We will aim to teach students about pertinent topics through informative and engaging awareness campaigns.
  • We will mentor the freshman class council and ASGCU team, as a whole, through relational and professional development opportunities.

The ASGCU Team

In line with the mission of the university, ASGCU strives to represent and serve the student body in their pursuit of academic success, personal excellence, and spirituality. ASGCU is a multi-faceted, but cohesive team that is strategically built to help reach each student in a meaningful way. From the executive team headed by President Darion Padilla and Vice President Ben Claypool to every team member within the organization we are all committed to serving you.

We're here to serve students.

ASGCU is a multifaceted, but cohesive team strategically built to reach every student in a meaningful way.

What we're doing for you.

We ran on a platform focused on making our campus safer, more sustainable, and more service-oriented.



Our goal is for every student to feel safe on and around campus.

  • We will advocate for comprehensive traffic reform that includes a traffic light on the intersection of 29th Avenue and Camelback.
  • We will advocate for a commission to bridge the divide between students and public safety so that both parties can focus on their shared values.
  • We will advocate for more blue emergency lights (especially on East Campus) so that students feel safe across GCU's growing campus.


Our goal is to make GCU a nationwide leader in sustainability.

  • We will advocate for GCU to adopt practices that will make the university a leader in sustainability across the nation.
  • We will work with university enterprises, departments, and colleges to help them adopt more sustainable practices.
  • We will advocate for GCU's administration to sign an agreement working towards a plastic-free campus within the next five years.


Our goal is to advocate for the needs and wants of GCU students.

  • We will advocate for GCU and its partner GCE to pay student workers higher wages that provide students with financial security.
  • We will develop community commissions that enlist students to help us make informed decisions that reflect the needs and wants of our growing and diverse student body.
  • We will find new and creative ways to better serve and advocate for the student body.

ASGCU Senate

No matter who you are, what you believe, what you're studying, where you live, on or off campus, the ASGCU Senate is here to represent students like you.

The ASGCU Senate is a student-run organization responsible for collectively representing and advocating for the 23,000+ traditional on-campus university students. The senate represents student opinion, engages with university administration on policy matters, and initiates new programs and services based on student need.

There are 12 ASGCU Senators that represent specific dorms and apartments on campus, as well as commuters, and first-generation college students. The senators visit each of the locations they represent on a weekly basis and engage with students to bring their opinions directly to senate meetings. For more info on the ASGCU Senate, Senate Meetings, or to find your ASGCU Senator click the button below.


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