By GCU Outdoor Recreation

Oh the places you can go in Arizona! So many places to explore in our beautiful state and many of them are offered through group trips at GCU. The following are five of the many activities and adventures you can undergo and embark on as you live out your life as a 2student of GCU and more importantly a resident of the glorious state of Arizona.

Sedona Mountain Biking/Devil’s Bridge

Outdoor Recreation takes their Mountain Biking trip through the beautiful mountains of Sedona. Grab a bike and start pedaling through Sedona’s Red Rock Mountains. The Devil’s Bridge is another trip
that Outdoor Rec takes to Sedona, and you
won’t want to miss it!


4. Snowbowl (Outdoor Rec Trip: 1/21/2017)

Not all Outdoor Rec trips involve camping in the desert and near lakes. Snowbowl is one of two trips Outdoor Rec takes that lets you shred some gnarr up on the slopes. You can bring your own skis or snowboard, but rentals can be provided if you need them. This is a great opportunity to ditch the hot Phoenix weather, travel a couple hours north, and have some fun in northern Arizona’s most famous ski spot.

3. Fossil Springs (Outdoor Rec Trip: 9/3/2016 but there will be another one next year!)

Fossil Springs is an awesome hike to take and once you get
to the creek it’s gorgeous. Outdoor Rec already took their trip this year but it is a fun trip to go with friends and Outdoor rec will be going again next year! The beginning of the Hike is mostly desert but as you go along it begins to grow with abundant vegetation and random moss everywhere, you won’t believe you are in Arizona anymore!4

.  Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend (Outdoor Rec Trip: 10/29-10/30/2016)

The two-day camping trip to Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon is located close to the border of Arizona and Utah. It is possibly the most scenic trip of the year. Horseshoe Bend is the ultimate photography destination anywhere along the Colorado River, where Mother Nature shows off her magical elegance. The camping at Antelope Canyon is also always sure to impress. There are a few annual overnight excursions, and this is one you are not going to want to miss out on. It comes complete with good times and campfire memories5

1. Havasupai (Outdoor Rec Trip: 3/18-3/21/2017)6

Havasupai is the most anticipated outing of the year for all of the trip leaders as well as the students. The 10-mile hike to the crystalline blue green waterfalls that are located at the southwest corner of Grand Canyon National Park is a tough one but well worth it once you see the tremendous views. It is a very popular hike thanks to the stunning, nearly indescribable views of the vibrantly colorful waterfall. You’ll see colors you never even knew existed!